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The Ghost Of Dorothy Dingley

Based on a story by Daniel de Foe
(Adapted by Mike Brooks)
A perfect treat for Halloween.
Suitable for children aged 5 - 10 years old

"The Ghost Of Dorothy" Dingley is a supposedly true story by English Author Daniel De Foe. Mind you, he said Robinson Crusoe was a true story too.


Professor of the supernatural, John Ruddle, is begged to come to visit a family who are having problems with their son. The boy had once been bright and energetic but all the energy seems to have gone from him.


The professor meets with the boy who tell him that he is being haunted. Whenever he passes through a certain field he can not avoid being confronted by the Ghost of Dorothy Dingley,  a local woman who had died five years earlier. Can the boy be telling the truth? John Ruddle is determined to find out..


Barking Dog's two talented actors (with  the help of a some puppets and children from the audience) present this exciting tale, specially adapted for children.


With original music and audience participation as well as use of puppetry and mime, this is ideal for any book  week, projects on the supernatural, Halloween, adventure, Music or Drama.

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