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Dr Dolittle

By Hugh Lofting (Adapted by Mike Brooks)
Suitable for children aged 5 - 10 year old

Hugh Lofting created the timeless character of Dr Dolittle while writing to his children from the trenches during the first world war. Dr Dolittle later became the central character in a series of books and films. This play is based in the first book of the series "The Story Of Dr Dolittle".

Dr Dolittle is a Doctor who prefers animals to people. With the help of his parrot Polynesia, he learns to speak with all the animals and soon becomes a wonderful vet.

He is summoned to help cure an outbreak of disease among the monkeys in Africa so he heads off with his trusty dog Jip and his monkey Chee Chee.

He gets shipwrecked, captured by Princess Bumpo, before going on to help the monkeys.  He has another eventful journey on the way home too...

Barking Dog's two talented actors (with  the help of a some puppets and children from the audience) present this wonderful adventure.

With original music and audience participation as well as use of puppetry and mime, this is ideal for any book  week, projects on travel, animals, pirates, adventure, Music or Drama.

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